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Biotik is a strategic design studio for sustainable digital product development, user experience design and digital transformation, founded in 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since then, the company have established international work with an international clientele and presence. With business locations in Estonia, Greece and Malta, we act as a unique creative atelier that is both ethnically and culturally diverse.


Digital sustainability is an essential part of our work. We audit all the projects and products on digital experience standards. Strategic creativity and timeless design, drive our work approach, while forthcoming technologies and integrations heighten the final result.


A synthesis of design-driven & IT mindset burst the digital strategy within the organisations. The essence of visual communication, the form of information architecture, the way that a digital product interacts with the user, are subjects of the work-study of any design project.

Product thinking
Digital branding
Product design
User experience
UX engineering
Design consulting

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